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Friday, 4 June 2010


Oh my gosh! Can online d. ush! Something is wrong with the computer, the network or the website la.

Since this morning, I can’t log in to Yahoo, Twitter and Blogspot. I was so desperate to use it.
Now I still can’t log in to Yahoo. I have important mails to send. After my roomate 'used' my laptop, all my password gone crazy. i have to reset everything.


Class at 8am today but I woke up 6.30am. I have been waking up at 6.30am for 8am classes. Good right? Haha. I scred I’ll be late ma. N I need time for breakfast n bathe. When I take my shower, I need time. I need to enjoy. Need to syok. I tell u har the things that I enjoy n syiok doing are sleeping, bathing, shitting n eating. That’s why I dun like it when people kacau me while im doing those activities.

During Feature Writing tutorial class, we were asked to write hard news. My friends were so creative. They used my name in their news. They said I burnt down my uni la, I killed someone la. luckily no sodomised or rape case.

I already came up with extra resolutions and to-do-list for this semester.  =p so when you are hav something in mind, you must do it lo no matter what.

Friends all balik kampung d. Roomate also balik. im alone tonight. You know im not a person who hold grudge lo i think. i forgive n forget easily. YEa i was angry with my roomate because he used my laptop without my permission. But im angry at him just for his action n not angry at him for who he is. Today, i rushed home from university to sent her to the bus-stop. Pity him ma. IF take taxi, have to spend rm6 u noe. He's is a nice guy. Seriously. Good manners. Soft-spoken. N i never heard any vulgar words from him.

I think im a good friend. i noe i shouldnt praise myself n syiok sendiri but i think this is a fact. Try ask around, whenever a friend ask for my help, i NEVER say no. I NEVER. i duno how to say it also. i even break the rules sometimes to help them. The common example, i fetch my friend from uni or to uniwithout helmet n i always kena from the guard. i feel bad everytime i reject them. at the end, i become so damn busy. when i can't deal with it, other friend will scold me why i never say no. haha. hmmm.. friends for me are like part of my life la. what more to expect form a friend from seeing them happy and smile?

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