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Friday, 4 June 2010

masak-masak makan-makan

Finally after studying together for more than a year, me n my friends came together to cook our dinner. It was my idea la.. I kaypo ma. I and Tiffany went to Tesco yesterday n I bought a lot of food. So I told them I wana cook fried rice for them today. But Racheal, the demanding girl wants spaghetti wor. Kanasai.

Haha. so at the end all of them came n we cook our dinner together. The whole house was so bising with our voice. Everyone so kelam kabut. Everyone so busy. everyone jadi chef la I tell u.

We fought just bcoz our cooking style are different. Haha. at the end we had campurization on our food. Basically we prepared the food together la. But im the one who fried the rice n Rachael made the spaghetti sauce. SEDAP OK!

Best giler cooking with friends. Im the only guy there. haha. we helped each other, teased each other etc. I had lots of fun. It was really fun n funny la.

I won't forget this dinner because of one thing. We were eating in a condition as if we were so poor. We don't have enough plates and utensils. I used my plate to eat fried rice, spaghetti and soup. 3 in 1. and we shared fork! can u imagine that we pass around the fork for spaghetti.

At first only 5 of us, me, Tiffany, Rachael, Amirah n Sara. But after we finished our food, Vivien came. She brought us green apple. She wanted to peel the apples for us. Haha. nothing left. She ate the soup and float only lo.

Why homemade dinner tonight? Haha. I feel so semangat wana cook ma. I love cooking. N all of us only have one class today. So we can start cooking early-early lor. Besides I have been saying that I wana make fried rice for them like since last year. Hehehe. By cooking at home, we can save money and we can enjoy!

Thanks a lot for helping n cooking. We had fun right. I love u people. Always. We must always do this together. time flies very fast only ok.

Ok wana sleep now. too sleepy. It’s a very tiring day. Woke up early morning at 8am to cover news of Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Ali in uni followed by lecture, gym, cooking then meeting at night.



fried rice with sausages n eggs. i didn't steal telur this time.

the sauce of spaghetti with sausages inside n cheese on top. =p

the spaghetti

mushroom soup


float. amirah's coke n my ice-cream.

us: Amirah. Sara, me, Tiffany, Rachael, Vivien BBQ-ing marshmellow.


  1. Hahahahaha... I also love cooking bcoz it gives me an opportunity to express my love for my family n frens thru healthy, nourishing food, while freeing me from all the hangups, restrictions, negative feelings n so on.... hehehe.. =P Plus, I love being creative n adding my own touches to it. Like my own mee curry version that i cooked last nite. so simple yet tasty. hehehe =P ^___^ - miss A

  2. same here. i love to cook too. when u put ur love in ur food, it taste definitely better. the joy of cooking is when the one eating it happy n smiling. i always play with the ingredients, add different things, make it lain dari yang lain. =p

  3. So, what r u going to cook 2day? hehehe... =P ^___^- miss A

  4. owh! me n my classmates will have steamboat tonight. yum yum! come la. n we'll have Marshmello BBQ.

  5. Sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! wanna join but can't la..... hahaha ^__^ Next time I'll come n u will cook for me eh... hehehe ^__^- miss A

  6. =p eh u cook for me la. ur cooking lagi sedap kan?? haha.

  7. Haahahahaha..... So tak aci! hahahaha.... then U should come to my place la, in KL 4 KFC. hahahahaha... *joke* ^___^ - miss A

  8. KFC?? Kampar pun adala.. =p smtg exclusive la.

  9. Hahahaha.... That's a joke la ^___^ hehehe... ^___^- miss A