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Thursday, 3 June 2010

time is running out

oh no no no no no!

this is just the first week of semester. and today i feel the heat from everywhere already.

it's not only about studies, but also about my interest and passion, religion, activities in university, roomate etc.

more responsibilities im bearing now.

i can feel old old old time Chin Eng is coming out. slowly.. it's coming out. if it's not, i'll FORCE it out.

I need the old me now so badly.

i've been such a.. er... not so active student for the 1.5years n im tired of being one.

i feel all this responsibilties on me now is not a burden. it's a privilege. it's an advantage. and it's a learning process.

after this, i think i'll cut down on my postings especially on personal stuffs. it's useless la.

people, especially those that i owed pictures, important pictures especially. i'll post it up and send it to u by this week ok. i promise. take note Jessica, Sharmilla, Phui Leng, and Bae Shiuan.

after this weekend i'll be very BUSY. VERY! TERAMAT SANGAT!

i can assure you that for the next coming weeks, more pimples will pop up, more money will be spend on hp, i'll drink more coffee, i'll sleep very late, cannot go back hometown that often n i'l b more stressfull n panas baran.

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