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Thursday, 3 June 2010

don't use my things without my permission!

Arrghhh! Im gona gone crazy! When I thought my roommate is a nice guy, ok he is stil a nice guy, but now my perception towards him has totally changed!

I came home at 2pm. I entered my room. Before I put down my beg, he said,

“Eh your laptop got virus. I cannot go to UTAR Portal. I help you scan already.”

I was like what!! You opened my laptop? U used my laptop? WTH?!! I put my laptop into sleep mode before I went out. I remained cool. I didn’t scold him. I'm so amazed at myself that i didn't yell or push him away. Then I checked my laptop. He downloaded an anti-virus software n it’s in the process of scanning.

Im super pissed. 1st thing. Who gives u permission to use my laptop? WHO?!! Awat hang duk pandai-pandai bukak laptop orang! You can’t enter the website n u simply say my laptop got virus?!! Who said my laptop got virus? Why u simply download stuff?!! Grrhrhh!!

i betul betul naik gila, kepala panas gila but arrgghhh! WHY DIDN't I SCREW HIM?!! im so soft-hearted. DAMN ME! i still heheheh to him n i said "oh really ah? got virus ah? ooo..."

Now all my recent items gone. All my web histories gone. All my websites gone. Im GONE!! All my important websites gone. I need it for studies and research! And he also viewed my pictures.

What is this man! Im so hot now till I feel like curse u to death lo! Hang jangan duk buat kerja sieh!

I don’t care you tok nicely or not but your action is totally wrong!

If you really need to use my laptop, sms n ask from me. but why you didn’t?!! laptop is a very private and personal thing! I never care when you use my household stuffs or books or boiled water.

Im so so sad and angry. I just feel like crying. seriously! I hate it so much since I was small when people simply take my things and never tell me. privacy is so much important for me. I hate it when people invade my privacy even my parents. i had a very bad experience before regarding the issue of privacy. you should know simple manner. Ask if you need to use someone else's stuffs.

I don’t feel safe anymore in this house. Anything can happens to my other belongings. i dare not to leave my room now although he just went out. what if he comes back n touch this n that!

I need to set a password for my laptop already.

Im damn tulan at him!

damn u again for ruining my mood. ruining my plan to go to the gym.


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