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Monday, 17 January 2011

mau fight la!


apa tengok-tengok?!!

wa manyak hot now lo.

i duno why lo.

hormone imbalance is it??

im so in the mood for a physical fight right now seriously!

i feel like beating up someone or at least push someone down to the ground.

what, never see me so aggresive ah?

i can be very ganas one ok! kenapa, tak percaya ah?

eh, i'm a man too ok, there are times when man naik gila and act gila.

Right now, i really feel so hyped up and spiritedso hyped up, spirited for a boxing!

yeah! come on babe! come come till teh last man standing.

get me some small sized fella pls!

HOT ah!

n i tell u what i did to someone just now.

i already not in the mood tonight and he pissed me off.

there's this Malay boy, around 13-15yr old la.

He took his bicycle then he make the other bicycle to drop.

so fine, i quickly went over wana help him but before i reach him, he just left the scene, act as if nothing happen and let the dropped bicycle there.

out of sudden, i 'OIKKK' at him!

i was so loud and so fierce!

macam lion ok!

i stared at him.

he got a shock definitely la.

he made a U-Turn to put the bicycle in place again.

then i say it's ok it's ok and i put back the bicycle to its place.

and he kept on saying sori.

hahah! den i just laughed n laughed!

i didn't mean to scold him actually. and in fact that was not my bicycle. im just pissed off how can he just walk away like that.

but i really look like i wana give him a punch. haha. u shud look at his face.

ahhhh satisfied!

but rigth now i still feel wana punch something!!

anyone??? =p

1 comment:

  1. fui yoh. so daring la you. luckily he didn't come and kick your ass.