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Thursday, 27 January 2011

fly away

This is just a reminder la. If it’s applicable to you, then use it lo. But I know I need this reminder so badly.

Don’t fly away after you have some achievement. Always be humble. Don’t get carried away. Stick to your true self. Don’t get blinded with money, materials and fame.

I think I fly off a little bit since I get so many appraisals. I’m so overwhelmed and touched you know.

People are happy with my achievements. I know.

This may be a test my the angkong. Hmm.. cannot! I must not be too proud and show off. I must work harder next time. I must remember where I came from and who had supported me and lend me help all this while.

I pledge that I’ll always be that humble OCE la. Really.. if I got off track, please pull me down.