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Monday, 24 May 2010

it's nice to send my sister to school

Good morning.

AT this time, my sister is already in school.

I just sent her there.

Damn sleepy right now. SLept at 4.30am n mum called at 6.26am to wake me up. But i slept again till 6.45am.

Sister woke up so fast. No hanky panky no merengek merajuk. The waking up process was so smooth. She brushed her teeth. Sometimes she didn't. haha. I prepared breakfast for her. Combed her hair. Gave her RM2.

I remember it was so hard to wake her up back then. Then all of us will be late to school n i went to school with grumpy and sour face. Stress gila.

The last time i fetched her and my brother to school was in 2007 when i was still schooling in Form 6.

WHen im back in Penang, i'll pick her up from school when mum is busy.

It feels so nice to be a brother again, sending and picking up my sister from school. =p

ok i wana get back to sleep people.

Good night.

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