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Monday, 24 May 2010

moves on


I've made up my mind.

After floating no where in the air, single, alone and sad for 1 year 11 days and 18 hours..

im gona say bye bye to the past now..

at 6.35pm Monday 24/5/2010.

I determine and seriously serious in what i want to do.

I know i might change my mind. I know i might look back. I know i might reminisce. I know i might get emo again.

But.. Im taking my first step now.

My journey is still far away.

Why must i torture myself and ruin my life?

Im tired of walking with someone who's not there anymore.

The fight in this struggle is no longer meaningful.

It's not worth it anymore.

When you can't change the situation, you either take it or leave it.

I chose the second option.

You don't have to live in someone's shadow.

You own your own life.

And I have nothing to regret.

Because i had the most fastastically beautiful sweet loving love story before, at least for me.


Im moving on.

I am.


  1. Dear Oh Chin Eng, I would to dedicate U this song called keep on moving by Five. I hope U will enjoy it. thank you. ^___^ hehehe - miss A