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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Time Is Now

Pagi yang gelap, kini sudah terang.

The time is now..
Di sini masanya..

In just less then 2 hours, I’ll be up on stage. I think everyone of us will feel so proud to be up there…if we were to receive an award or a prize. But I think most of us will freak out and runaway if we were to ask to perform a show or to talk on the stage.

Do greatly or die badly.

I didn’t sleep the whole night. I spent it by memorising, practising n yelling when everyone else was having their sweet dream. Now I have a dark black eye ring under my eyes.  My throat feels so dry. N I am damn sleepy right now. very sleepy.

I feel like puking so badly due to lack of sleep. How interesting, im having diarrhea now. =p other then that, I keep pharting from my a** n my mouth because I ‘consumed’ too much air. I drink a lot of water n I pee every 15mins.

Thank you UTAR DSSC for calling me at 9.05am to remind me about the competition. I wont forget lah…

I went to temple early early in the morning. I asked for blessing n a peace of mind. well.. I need to calm myself down ma. Usually if im in Penang, I’ll pray at home before I go for a competition and a long journey.

Before this i was having dilemma on what traditional clothe to wear, Samfu or Baju Melayu. i never wear Samfu in uni but i don't have the pants. My Samfu look really awesome. =p At the end i chose Baju Melayu because the 3 judges are Malays. Maybe they'll feel impressed because a Chinese is wearing a Malay traditional clothe. After all, trust me, no one will wear traditional clothe except me. If got also, maybe ONE only.

I nk pergi dah. Ok im going out now. im wearing the lucky chain, that I always wear for the pass 3 years, made from coconut shell with the number ‘12/8’.

Let’s break their leg, break their hand and their head as well.

Are you ready?


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