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Friday, 23 April 2010

late for 2hours

8am class.

6.40am alarm in hp rang. Too early. Slept back.

Then the story began!

I opened my eyes. Blink blink. Eh why so bright huh. I started to gabra and kalut. I grabbed my hp! oh shit!! No battery! My hp has shut off itself!

Damn! Rushed to my laptop. OH MY GOSH!


Arrghh! Im super late! Sms Sara to asked class finished already or not. No reply. sms Tiffany no reply. Luckily Ai Loon replied me.

Rushed again  like mad cow. Ok I didn’t bathe! What! Late already still wana bathe ar? PI LA. I just washed my face n brushed my teeth.

Reached class at 10am. Just before I enter the class, I say Chin Poh Nee walking out.

Oh no!! the class just ended!

Aih.. I apologised to the lecturer.

It didn’t intend to skip the class ok. ish!

My Eyes are still swollen.

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