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Monday, 19 April 2010

i see me in the newspaper


i duno what to say. this is really unbelievable.

when i reached Penang on Saturday, i saw the authority catching illegal immigrants. so spontaneously, as usual, i did what i always do, take photos.

and i was harressed and threatened by one of the reporters from a Chinese newspaper. Then, i guess he got scolding from his chief editor. =p

and now, tonight, when i just reached home, at 1am plus plus, i saw a msg in MSN by Teck Joo. he sent me a link and he said im in the newspaper.

i was like WHAT?!! WHY!! i didn't do anything wrong.

i know for sure i didn't let anyone took my picture during the operation to catch illegal immigrants.

Then i clicked  the link

Oh God. hahaha.

i can't believe what i see. It's me in the online newspaper.

Guess what i was doing in the picture. i was taking picture of a shampoo bottle that someone threw into the beach. This morning i went to clean Gurney Beach ma.

woa. lucky me right. im back in Penang n im the news. =p this is the first time in the year that i appeared in the newspaper. hahaa.

FARNEEE and LAWAK! this is so 'AM KONG'.

oh ya i can't read Chinese. so i asked Nixon to translate the caption.

"Macam macam rubbish ada kat the beach, even shampoo bottles pun ada, maybe orang suka go to the beach and use shampoo and wash their hair using the sea water! So this young man digged out the bottle and decided to take a picture to keep as a collection."



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  2. hahaha thanks mr lonely. my blog is just a crappy one.