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Sunday, 18 April 2010

i cleaned GURNEY BEACH (part 1)


seriously i am proud of myself. i just joined thousands of people in my live cleaning the beach in beloved state, Penang.

yea i cleaned the beach?

how?? use ur hand la. =p

i slept at 5am last night. i was so packed up that i didn't bath at all yesterday. zzz...

i supposed to be at the venue by 6.30am but what the heck i woke up at 7am.

i was so late. fine! n i had severe running nose. it was so annoying. i got delayed because of that. i was so sleepy that my face so pale. i walked like a snake. my eyes were bloody red.

i just washed my face then i rushed there and reached at 7.40am. luckily the event haven't started.

im now hoping to sleep again but i can't.

i chose not to because im going to support my sister in an essay competition.

then to my maternal grandma's house.

another working day today although it should be a rest day in Penang.

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