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Monday, 19 April 2010

bye Penang..

i dun wana go back yet...

i wana stay here...

maybe for few more days?

ahhhh... Kampar is so damn hot la.

when the weather is hot, im HOT too..

anyway, im glad to be back.

and im so thankful and grateful that i've done what i intended to do.

Thank you to the One up there.

so it's a great weekend n it's so worth it that i came back.

im gona miss everything here especially my family.

again i dun really have time to spend time with my sister.

i was packed ok even im in Penang.

this is so crazy!!

yea because i only come back to Penang when i have soemthing to do here. Family is second. i miss them i i wont purposely coem back to see them. They are in me every second. And my mum don;t really like i always come back because it's a waste of money. somehow it's true..

ok.. i got to run. i just reached home n i haven't pack my stuffs.

bus at 6.30pm and i need to be at the Jetty the lastest by 5.45pm. im still looking for transport to go to the Jetty.

till then, tata. have a great day everyone. remember to always thank God.

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