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Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Zaid Ibrahim is losing

At this time 9pm, P.Kamalanathan is winning with a big majority of more than 1thousand votes. Zaid Ibrahim is losing..

Of all the by-elections after March 2008 general election., this by-election is the most anticipated one for me. this is the by-election where i really analyzed alot of things from what i learnt in university. I put so much feelings in it, prayed a lot and throw mountains of support to the candidate.

This by-election is so important for me. and i feel it's so important for all of us, Malaysians.

Im glad that my prediction from day one until this moment is somehow true. ok im happy with that because i managed to apply what i learned in politics classes into the real political landscape of Malaysia. but im sad because i predict that Zaid will lose.

i still remembered my random conversation i had with my classmate last night, Ah Joo who's also into politics and support Zaid Ibrahim. i said "i support zaid bt BN too strong. bt i feel PR improved last min la. bt still mayb not that strong lo."

I support Zaid Ibrahim at all time eversince he's in the government. He's one of the very few BN politicians that i trusted and i look up too. I even bought train tickets to Kuala Kubu Baru just to throw my support to him but i missed my train.

Now he's having a hard time in this by-election.

I hope whoever wins this battle will fulfill his promises to the rakyat. BN may win this time but it's because of people's vision covered with money and not because they love BN.

People, no use winning when we use dirty tactics. What's the significance of victory from the people who voted for you when you are actually betraying threm, yourself and God? You may win on Earth but you are sure a loser in Heaven.

Now let see will P.Kamalanathan deliver well to its people if he wins.

Zaid Ibrahim will still be the winner for me. And i believed he's a winner for many of us.


  1. i couldn't agree more with ur statement there....and ya it's a sad thing for me too haiz...but i believe the generation like us are able to see the true color of it..and one day we will know...

  2. people vote for BN because of a few packets of beras BN gave them, some packets of Milo, which altogether ridiculous...