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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Zaid Ibrahim or P.Kamalanathan

In less than 1 hour from now, folks of Hulu Selangor will be casting their vote in the one of the most expensive eever by-election in the history of Malaysia.

The fight is between Datuk Zaid Ibrahim from PKR and P.Kamalanathan from MIC.

Some people will choose based on the candidate's personality. Some will choose based on the party. Some will choose based on the promises. Some will even choose based on their race.

There are few questions in my mind and perhaps many of us.

1. Who do you think can deliver the best to the people particular in Hulu Selangor and generally in the Malaysia?

2. Who's your choice?

3. Who do you think will win in this by-election?

If you don't mind, put your comments below.

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