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Monday, 12 April 2010

OCE's Corporate Service Announcement

1. Can anyone fly my family here to see me coz im freaking MISS them! Miss till wana CRY ok!!

2. Anyone with extra 3in1 Milo n Coffee ah? can donate a bit ah? hehee mine is finishing la. have to go back to Penang n reload. =p

3. Anyone is boring sleeping alone tonight? i am BORING! come n teman n sleep with me larh...

4. or you can actually choose to help me do housekeeping.

how? amamcam? which one you prefer? do good is very good u noe. buat baik dibalas baik. good offer u noe. all also FOC-FREE OF CHARGE! n i free u 1 massage service. approve and certified by SIRIM n i got ISO 881019:2010. dun PLAY PLAY!

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