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Monday, 12 April 2010

kill u red army


i have been attacked by the RED ARMY!! shit them!! they lay eggs membiak and make babies under my file holder. walaueh! so gatai la all of them! if wana increase ur population go somewhere else la!! why come to my place! i can't breastfeed u!

ish ish ish!

i was so shocked when i found the red ants! RED ANTS!! if u r the Thailand Red Army, it's ok. i respect u n i'll take ur pics n promote u.

but u silly red ants that love to bite people then make people gatai, breed in my room. yea they have their own fort! without any delay, i brought out my weapon: WET PANGSAICUA!! and i sapu them away.

wahahaah. we had a great fight! war of the world. they are strong! but I AM STRONGER!!

nyeh nyeh nyeh!

finally i destroyed their civilization! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

CILAKA how dare u step into my territory and buat kacau. dun u ever dare to mess with OCE!

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