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Monday, 12 April 2010

a cup of Kopi O' Kao Kao

ok let be a bit serious in this post. i'll try.

this week will be the 13th week of this semester.

have you guys finished up all your assignments, presentations and midterm tests?

i've finished up everything except for few reports. this week will be a hectic week about reports then i'm done with assignments. next week, week 14, which is the last week of studying week in the semester, the lecturers will be giving tips and do revision with the students. I wont ponteng week 14 n i'll try not to ponteng week 13. it's a normal thing to get lazier by the end of the semester. trust me. =p

last week was a lazy week i would say. i ponteng a lot of classes intentionally n unintentionally. i slept a lot. A LOT! i missed the classes cuz i mistaken the time, i woke up late and i just dun feel like going out from my room. haih.. everything was so fine except for studies. no one can help u in studies except urself. God is not gona study for you.

today was so hot. thank God, Kampar is a little bit cooler now. =p

just all out of sudden, i feel so semangat to do what i planned to do before i land on my bed. i mean to sleep.

and i feel life has changed a bit in this semester.

eg. i seldom cycle to uni, i've left behind the past n move forward in relationship, i didn't take Biskut Cap Ping Pong at all, i'm a little bit more serious in the way i do my presentations, i seldom drink 3in1 Milo n Coffee, i spent SOOO much on food, im lazy to fold my clothes, i blog n blog n blog non-stop, i became so semangat in certain things i do, i became more active in uni's activities etc.

tonight i feel so lighten up. erm.. i just feel highly spirited to excel in my studies n in life. i know by just feeling is not enough, by just dreaming is not enough, things will oni materialised when we work hard and pray hard.

and a cup of Kopi O' Kao Kao will put me awake till the next morning to carry out my missions tonight. woooooooooo... i better do it now before my level of excitement and determination jatuh longkang.

before that let's fill my stomach with biscuits n kopi. im hungry again! by the way thanks Sara for the dinner: bihun goreng. sedap. pandai mak u masak. Your mum ok, not u. =p

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