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Thursday, 22 April 2010

what a 'rain'

Deii yenna pochi!

the rain was so heavy! i quickly changed and get out from my house in 2minutes. By the time i got to the road, i don't feel the heavy rain anymore!

Why rain for 1 minute only? So damn pondan la the rain!

If wana rain, rain for 1 hour la! SATU JAM!

damn la! i was so excited gila gila went to the middle of the road to take my shower but only few drops of rain. it's not even drizzling ok.

wa mia baju pun belum buka Sabun pun belum taruh!

I stood there waiting for the rain to get heavy again but it didn’t. it became lesser. Grrhh! fine. So I walked around my housing area for 10minutes, looking for the rain spot but the rain stopped entirely!!

Grrrhhh geram oo!

What a first time experience of taking bath in the rain but no rain at all!

This is maximum dissappointment!
Kanasai panggusai la!

I WANT RAIN!! Not the singer but the water from the sky!!

I just feel sexy to bathe in the public. wahahaha.

EveRYOne should bathe in the rain to save water.

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