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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

war has ended


JUST 10 MINUTES to end the war!


i managed to register all 5 subjects for next semester by 11.10am!

fuh! what a relieved! i feel so good right now.

my hands were shaking, fingers were shivering, my heart was pounding fast!

it's a normal reaction everytime we need to register subjects for next semester. We had a bad experience before when the system was down because every single student in UTAR register at the same time! and sometimes we don't get to register subjects that we want according to our preferred time slot.

But this time, the subjects registration is not as bad as before. UTAR has upgraded their system. It's faster and less jam now.

It's also more systematic because they have specified the registration time to certain courses and not all the courses in UTAR.

For example, students of Journalism, Advertising and English Language from Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) have to register at 11am today but for Chinese Language, Physchology and Public Relation, they register at different time.

so good job to UTAR. Im happy with my 'achivement'. Thank God i got all the time slots i wanted. haha. i guess some are still struggling to register the subjects now.

All the best people.

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