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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy New Year Happy Birthday Good Luck

People come people go.

There are newborns everyday. And there are deaths everyday.

Yet life still goes on.

In just this semester, i've seen a lot of celebrations, be it for birthday, for the dead, for the newborn, for a well done presentation, for new year etc.

Celebration is to thank and appreciate something, to move forward for the better, leave behind the past and enjoy the present.

So i really duno what im mumbling right now.

Ok i just wana wish my Tamil friends a Happy Tamil New Year. To my Sikh Friends, Happy Vasakhi.

Happy Birthday to Amirah, Chiakie and Tennee. ALthough life changed, we changed, everything also changed, but friendship never changed ok. Wish u guys happiness lots of lots of love and success in life, good health, good wealth, good brain and all the best in whatever u do. God bless u.
TO my sister, good luck for your running competition and marching tomorrow. i'll pray for u. i know u r not gona read this but it's ok, one day when u already grown up n im gone, i noe u'll read this. =p

Everyone needs luck. But luck will only be on your side if you work hard.

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