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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

this conversation is funny

hahaha. Poovan has been ponteng-ing a lot of classses this semester. n he didn't even online!! im gona kick his ass! so he online n i talked to him. im still talking to him actually. and this is our conversation via MSN at 1.05m just now. IT IS FARNEEE!

Poovan: CE.. I need something from you.

CE: Apa.

Poovan: CE today Tamil New Year la weh. Never wish me also.

Me: Haha. I know la. But today is Tuesday. Must sleep. Wake up. Then only Wednesday.

Poovan: Poda dei... crazy... haha..

Me: Deiii thambi, ni mudevi podakh gundechi sat tem por ra deiii!

I'm a very weird guy. Even it's already over 12am but im still awake, i'll still consider that day the day before 12am. And my mindset can only change after i wake up the next day. =p

*by the way, 14/10/2010, Wednesday is Tamil New Year.

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