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Friday, 13 August 2010

DAMN you stomach!

Grrhhh! Why everytime im in a rush and emergency, you cari pasai huh??

I cirit the whole morning and I feel asleep eventhough I woke up early to submit my Special Reporting assignment. I have to submit my assignment by 12pm. and guess what time I woke up. 1pm man! 1pm.

This is so oh my God la. grrhhhh! I was so blur and nervous. I rushed to printing shop to print. And it was raining.

So yea I was late to submit my assignment. Hmmm.. Miss Tan wana deduct 20%. Oklo.. I didn’t say no cuz it’s my fault. I should bear the responsibility and no one to be blame. She’s just being fair to everyone.

Lesson: don’t fall asleep after u wake up.

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