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Friday, 13 August 2010

got ghost ah??

yes i believe in the existence of ghosts.

i also believe that ghosts can be more powerful than our faith, our religion.

there's a simple Chinese saying, "you don't disturb them, they don't disturb u la."

friends, don't freak urself out n this hungry ghost month la. dun go n tink about it la. u tot the ghosts so free got nothing else to do wana come n kacau u meh?? just do ur work. clean ur mind n heart. pray. everything will b fine..

The journey of life won't be always smooth. There are ups and downs. It's ur karma. It's ur destiny. It's how you respond to your surrounding.

Unlucky incidents are not because of the unseen brothers.

Have faith.

Just a reminder la. if you believe in this festival, then behave yourself. Don't talk big, don't simply shout, don't simply pee, don't go to dark places, don't step on praying items etc etc la.

be smart la people.

don't think too much k. =p

*argghh! stomachache again! kenot tahan la. gnite ppl. tata.

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