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Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Birthday Nixon Lai Chia Huey

Me, Dexter and Nixon: the 3 Gays from the club. =p

Today is my good friend’s bday n her name is Nixon Lai. Yes it’s she. From this moment onwards he is a she. She is a she. So I would like to wish her Pondan Nixon Lai Chia Huey hapy no-birdday. Tunggu abang balik den kita p POTONG ye. All the best in ur life. =p

Halo amacam?? A post specially for u leh? Berapa u mau bayar huh?? Hahahah.

Selamat berhappy birthday. Selamat hari lahir. Selamat hungry ghost. Selamat ber-Ramadhan.

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