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Thursday, 12 August 2010

water from the sky

you know what i see now?

water from the sky..

what do you call it huh??

RAIN la!


Bahasa Malaysia kalau HUJAN!

Hokkien Lang kong 'loh hor'.

but then.


pondan betul!

it was raining 15 minutes ago n now stopped d!

u see!

my prediction is so accurate.

when it started to rain just now, i post a status in my FB wall. i said "ok i see rain drops!! yes it's water from the up the sky! i bet u wont last till tonight 1 la.. rain oso so HOT!"

Damn cun la.

Panas macam apa je.. SO heaty panas membara terbakat terguling chaoda.

Itu Meteorological Department said there will be no rain until Hari Raya. means teh whole Ramadhan month will be hot.

hmmm.. im hungry now la. bila boleh buka puasa ni. cepatla. lapar. hehe. i puasa half day je cuz din sahur this morning.

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