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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

when you met your lecturers outside the university..

hav u guys ever sit at the same table with your lecturers to makan??

you know.. i feel it's kinda scary when the lecturers suddenly ask u to join them to makan.

anyway i had dinner with my friends.

whiel we are in da way to go back, my lecturers and a friend who are sitting at one of the tables, called me!!

yeah they called me n not my friends!

sacry la!!

they are still my lecturers anyhow although they are not giving lecture at that time.

and before that i 'umped' to their table to say hie out of no one. and of the lecturers just stared at me!!

SCARY la!!

i gila-gila but she showed me lion face.


so anyway their frens talk to me. asked me alot of funny questions about me and my camera and about photography.

fuh... i tell you it's scary ok to talk to you lecturers besides than studies.

their friend is curious why i bring my camera everywhere i go. she asked do i sleep with my camera, what kind of photographs i take and what i get from taking so many photographs.

fuh.. my heart was like jumping out from my body. i need to answer them properly. you know.. my answer will show my personality. i have to use correct language as well. and i have to talk to them like how i talk to the lecturers and not as friends.

the whole conversation was kind of tense for me but it's funny la..

n i found out that the new batch for Journalism will have to take Photojournalism subject.

WAT THE H*LL rite??

how i wish UTAR offers that subject in my syllibus. aih... other universities like Lim Kok Wing, MMU and Han Chiang College offer that subject but it's either too expensive or i don't liek the course structure.

before we bye-bye, i told them about the photo contest, KL Photo Awards. hehe.. and they are willing to sponsor me the entries.

kamsiah Miss Tan JJ and Miss Esaline.

oh ya anyway their friend is a lecturer as well!!


  1. Ada hikmah lepas 'ter'jumpa them kan? Siap dapat sponsor tau...Lucky U.. hahaha ^__^ - miss A