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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

some funny converstations..


ok i didn't hear these conversations personally but i know these 2 people in the conversation.

it's ok you just read their conversations and you'll know why i laugh.

anyway, i copied these texts from my friend's blog

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""Once during rehearsal, we were commenting on her undying love for the Titanic theme song and Stippie, as usual, started criticizing her choice.

She went on to claim that the theme song was very 'sayu' and asked if he knew what was 'Belaian Jiwa'?

His response: Belaian Jiwa, Belaian Jiwa, saya pukul kamu hingga sakit jiwa baru tau.


There was the once when during rehearsal also, we were fooling around in the empty lecture hall, taking turns to belt tunes into the mic. Another girl did not know what to sing so we gave her some suggestions. The Titanic girl then asked her to sing the classic nursery rhyme 'Baa, baa black sheep'.

His response: Baa baa black sheep, I hit you until you really become black sheep.'



  1. Hahahaha... baaa baa black sheep... it reminds me to Shaun d Sheep now.. haha ^__^ - miss A

  2. hahahha... u mean teh cartooon of the mute sheeps ah? i like that cartoon too.

  3. Hahaha... Baguih! sama geng! hahahaha.... ^__^ - miss A