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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

when the 3 guys are together in the middle of the night...

31/3/2010 2.11am

"Berita terkini hiburan sangat seksi."

This is when the cicak is going to mandi, the sleepy boy going to sleep and the busyman trying to look serious while taking picha.

Anyway I AM SEXY!! Yeahhhhh…

Wat the tut! Now still doing assignment. Yea rite we r doing asgmnt. What a hardworking students doing slides till late night.

Poovan just finished talking to someone, must be a girl. Siang Yong just finished playing online games. And I just finished.. er.. on9? FB? Blogging?

Yennadeiii.. okla I wana go pangsai den pompom. Have to take KOPI O' KAO-KAO again tonite.

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