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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

i miss my sister


i miss my sister so much.

so so much!

i don't why she didn't online at all this week.

i wana talk to her.

i feel so uneasy when she didn't disturb me.

she'll always say hi to me everytime she online then she goes quiet.

and when she's going to sleep, she'll say bye.

i still remember when she was way back younger, i always said 'see you tomorrow, good night, bye bye.'

That's our last sentence before we go to bed.

i miss her a lot...

My handphone ran out of credit la. how to call her.

i'll hug her when i go back to Penang.
and i need to talk to my mum as well.


I LOVE HER, my sister and my mum too.

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