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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

(ter)ponteng again

you know.. i didn't want to skip 11am class this morning.

but i woke up at 11.40am! wth rite!!

ahahah.. im still very sleepy la..

the 11am class is very important bcoz the tutor will discus about our midterm paper. but if i go now, i'll reached around 12pm n the class finished at 12.30pm. super late d la..

this morning also i purposely ponteng one class at 9.30am. that class is super boring, so i decided not to go lo. but i woke up at 9.20am. haha. then i slept again.

hmm.. forget about it la. let me sleep for a while n wait for the next class at 2pm. hmmmm... eh cannot cannot. there's an event at the hall, i wana go!!

ish ish.. wake up people!!!

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