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Monday, 29 March 2010

dinner with the ELs

Me with the EL family. They are such a crazy bunch of people. Not to forget, they are friendly and caring as well. Thanks for the dinner people although i'm the one who's eating while you guys are talking. i was late la. we are supposed to meet at 7pm but i reached at 8.10pm due to some unavoidable incident. And so nice of them, they left some dishes for me. haha.This is the first i had dinner with so many people, with the ELs and with my ex-classmate from Form 6, Sooi Pheng. Im touched and i feel very gay tonight. Thanks again.


  1. Heys!! Love this pic!! Can I steal it from your blog for keeping? Thx!!

  2. haahaahha. yes yes. of cos. take la. jangan lupa quote. =p i can giv u teh raw file la.