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Monday, 29 March 2010

im so popular today

The whole world is looking for me. hahha. Why I said so?

Cz I’m so ‘busy’ and notti today for not picking my phone. So many people called me. so many times.

Yeh. It feels so nice when you are totally away from your handphone.

But sorila Rajina and Sara for not picking up the phone. Heheh.

Im so sleepy right now. boring ler..

But but but… I’ll only sleep after I submit the news article by 11pm. yes 11pm. I mustn’t break my promise anymore.

And I need to korek some pictures for a international photography contest la. if u wana take part, tell me la.

God bless everyone la yer.


  1. How r u doing now? did U have ur chance to eat ur ice-cream today? ^__^ Try la chocolate mint flavour.. sedap! ^___^ hehe - miss A

  2. hahhaha. i m feeling gay now. tadi macam pondan. hahaha. too bad la my cafeteria mana ader flavour macam tu. hmmm ok i'll go get one from Tesco tomorrow. i like mint n vanilla. =p

  3. hahahahahaha..... u r so gay huh? for what? for expressing ur feelings? or for locking up urself in ur room all alone? U tak sampai tahap tu lagi lor.. hahaha..*joke* I also wanna eat some ice cream now.. feel down a bit..but can't huhu.. U eat for me okie? d chocolate mint flavour tau.. n also liu lian flavour.. sedap! ^__^ hehe- miss A

  4. hahahah. gay means happy la. u noe im so hungry now cz i din eat anything the whole day until dinner jz now. now super lapar! chher up cheer up! go eat ice-cream sure be happy. i'll sure eat ice-cream tomorrow.

  5. Hahahaha... then, I won't kacau U again la.. p la makan supper... hehe ^__^ I also need to makan ubat. now.. huhu ^__^ Wan'an! - miss A

  6. alrite. u take care. hope u'll recover fast. c u Miss A. wan an. tata.