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Monday, 29 March 2010

total silence

i've been so much quiet today. yes i am.

i didn't talk much like how i always do.

and that is a good thing.

i know i have been so annoying, naughty, cilaka babi and what-so-ever-bad-adjectives-that-you-have-in-your-mind.

im so out of contact with the world today.

and i feel good.

hundred of calls from different people coming in but i didn't even answer any of them.

and i didn't reply any messages that i received

i don't want to talk to anyone especially HER!!

i didn't chat in MSN. i didn't play with FB.

im happy that i have you Blogspot. At least you are here to always listen.

sometimes i feel non-human is better in listening than someone with life.

around 3pm someone came and knocked on my door.

i stayed quiet. i fold my clothes. i didn't even bother. i don't care.

i didn't open my door. after about 10minutes, he/she/they left.

what you people want??

i've done my part.

just leave me alone la!

im not gona let a single tear drops from my eyes...

because of what you said to me.


it's so not worth it!

im hurt by you but im not gona hurt myself.

i just feel like being alone.

and i am still my room.

im such a good boy today for not being angry, for not scolding anyone.

i stay in my room kuai-kuai read online news and listen to the radio.

let me stay quiet for at least a day.

trust me, you'll never like it when i explode.

You people don't go out la today, the sky is so dark. it was drizzling just now. Later sure hujan lebat-lebat. The sky must be sad as well.

*FYI, i woke up at 6.30am this morning. asked for the right document from my friend. delayed. rushed here and there. took a 30minutes nap. awake until now because of the damn caffeine. and i am hungry... yeala.. i didn't take anything for lunch or even breakfast yet. oh ya!! ICE-CREAM AIS-KRIM KEK LENG!!

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