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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

im one of the finalists!!

uh yes yes!! yes!! uh yeh uh yeh!!






i just got home and i checked my e-mail!

my heart almost popped out! yeah! i duno how but almost tercabut la! ok this is hiperbola.

anyway i joined a photography contest (Memoirs-A Walk Through The Time) last month by MMU Cyberjaya. i submit a photo per category. There are 4 categories.

and today they sent me an e-mail saying that im one of teh finalists and i have to send them a higher resolution picture.

they'll only announc ethe winners on 1st april.

but i'll be away to 'I' for the first week of April. shit! i was so hoping that i'll get the prize but i only i have other commitment.

now it's the headache time. should i go to 'I' or go to the prize giving ceremony? which one is more important? i want both because both also so signifinant and meant a lot to me.

aih... HOIK! don't think of that first. now just pray that i'll get the prize. hehee.

Thank You God.

congrats Mr. Oh.

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