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Sunday, 28 March 2010


I'm not sure whether you people realised or not, but i actually have another blog.

It's new. Brand new!

Ok i opened that blog few months ago. but it's still new la.

Go click click la ok.

I feel like blogging more in my new blog.

This blog is a personal blog.

Anything that has nothing to do with my life, I'm gona crap there.

I have enough with my the story of my life. What's so interesting about it? Some people will think that im showing off but I'm not. I mean okla i blog to document my life but i wana venture into serious writing la.

SERIOUS punya!

I am a Journalism student anyway. I should write something that has newsvalue and benefit the people.

So i'll try my best to be serious, write something serious. yesh! =p

yea, that's what im gona do. SInce for so long i didn't really write a news or commentary. I miss the feeling lah. I need more practice. And it'll help when i contribute for my university's student news portal, j-on.

I feel through writing, one can show his maturity, knowledge, emotion and personality.
So people go and see see la yea. if you don't like me also go see see la. If you still don't like me, maybe you'll 'C' (in Hokkien) ke???

I just tested. To find my new blog, you can key in "oce carepochi".

wahahah. tak malu betul budak ni simply promote blog dia.

anyway my new blog's address is as below.

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