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Sunday, 28 March 2010

2 sides of a coin

good morning.

i know it's super late already. but if it's possible i wana sleep till tonight.

haha. but cannot. i have 2assignments to pass up next week.

i haven't washed my face yet, still blur blur but i have something to say before i forget.

Feli always said that there's no right or wrong decision.

she's right. whatever decision we made, there are pros and cons.

we'll be happy for getting what we want and we'll be sad for not getting what we wan.

there's a price to pay.

there's always 2 sides of a coin.

one musn't look at something from just one perspective. try to think from another perspective, analyze from every aspects and take people's advice into consideration.

it's just a choice we have to made in our life.

it's either A or B. or sometimes C. it's still a choice if you don't choose A, B, or C. not making a decison is a decision.

once you made up your mind, be consistent, go on and work hard on it till you achive it. don't be hesitate and be doubtful of it. don't be fear to make a decision. don't be fear of the results.

so why i talk about this in the early morning? i mean afternoon. =p

i made a decision to stay in Kampar yesterday.

because of the decision:
1. I didn't follow Navin to KL for a field trip.

2. I didn't go for a visit to the Orang Asli Village.

3. I missed my paternal grandpa's birthday celebration.

4. I missed my beloved former secondary school, SMK Hutchings Silver Jubilee Celebration. It's a 25 years annversary celebration la.

5. I didn't organised anything, i didn't join the Earth Hour campaign in Westlake n i forgot to switch off my toilet light.

Then what happened?
1. I went to uni to support my Sooi Pheng, Sharmilla, Cheery and Hui Xin's Moral Campaign presentation.

2. Suddenly i became part of the campaign. I helped them to snap-snap photos. And im gona have dinner with Sooi Pheng n frens on Monday.

3. I had a good afternoon nap alone in my room.

4. My house owner came at night and i had a talk with her. She cleaned the whole house and fixed the lights with her husband. I respect her la!

5. Rachael called me telling me there's a religious procession in Old Town.

6. Thanks to her, I rushed to Old Town, took a lot of pics and know more about the religious celebration in Kampar and i know more about my own religion.

7. I had Comm Theories discussion at 9.30pm. We tried to finish it as soon as possible la.

8. I was late for the discussion because of teh procession. So I belanja Cynthia, Edmund n Tze Huey makan (to bribe them). hahahaha.

9. Then so randomly we went to Old Town middle of the night to have Susu Lembu. Sedap!

10. we took photos in front of a spooky house, in the middle of the road and at Jalan Mati. the girls were so scared.

11. But if it's not because of them asking me to bring them to Jalan Mati, I won't be able to enjoy the gift of God and the beauty of nature when the moon is so bright and you can see a lot of stars on top of you.

12. I save RM45 travelling cost back to Penang and RM30 for not going to the Silver Jubilee Celebration.

SO, everything happens for a reason. Setiap perkara yang berlu ada hikmahnya. never blame anyone because that's the decision you made. so you should bear the consequences and be responsible.

Don't blame God. if we win, we thanks Him. if we lose, we must also thanks Him. Be thankful of what we have.

trust me, every decision comes with an experience and lesson. you might not like the decision you made but you'll definitely learn something from it.

Whatever decision you made, there's nothing to be regret. Because you lose A, you'll get B. Or C. or D. Or E. Or F. Or nothing. But nothing means something.

now i've decided to finish 1 assignment, upload pictures in FB, send a letter to the editor, and choose some photos for a photography competition by today.

That's my decision, my choice. And im gona do it!

*this is just my 2 cents opinion. if you like it, tq. if you don't, thank you too.