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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Missions Possible!!

Im super skinny. So I wana gain weight and muscles by the end of April. I MUST!

I wana get higher CGPA this semester. I wana get 3.5 la. I WANT!

I’ll try not to blog so much on my personal life but focus more and improve on serious and heavy writing about social and national issues.  I WILL!

I want to get closer to God. I CAN!

I want to be more serious in life, in character, in studies, in everything i do. I BOLEH!

DEADLINE: Year 2 Semester 1.


  1. Yes Chin Eng boleh! yes U can! ^___^ hehe
    - miss A

  2. hi! U're an interesting person. :)

    u want to gain weight, while I'm here wanting to lose more weight.. *sigh

    anyway, good luck! Jia you! u can do it! :D

  3. huh??? hahahah thx 4da compliment.

    u r not fat anyway.

    lets work hard together. =p