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Sunday, 21 March 2010

it is RED

it is red.

bloody red.

im sure it is red.

how could it be red?

it supposed to be either white or yellow.

but it turned out to be red.

i was ok last night.

everything was normal...

but now..


i was so shocked to look at the red color water in the toilet.

i thought something is wrong with my eyes.

but no.. it is red.

what shoud i do now?

i never felt this way before.

i never encountered this situation before.

yea im a bit freak out.

i feel like as if my blood is coming out from my body.

i drank a lot of water already.

but it is still red.

aarrgggh shit!!

should i tell my mum?

i didn't tell anyone.

nah, it's ok.

i don't want them to be worried.

i'll be ok..

if worse come to worse, i'll go to see doctor lo..

or maybe i should see doctor.


God, please give me good health for me to finish this semester.

horoscope says that Dragon will get bad luck in Tiger year.

but i believe that 2010 is gona be a great year.

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