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Thursday, 18 March 2010

a day of ups n downs

It is a tiring day with ups and downs, with laughters and tears, with joys and sorrows.

At one point u were so hyper than suddenly u were pull aback by unexpected things.

Sometime when u have a perfect plan, doesn’t mean it’s gona work perfectly.

There are uncertainty in life and uncontrollable factors.

But at the end of the day, it’s ok. everything is gona be ok and fine.

We grow by learning from every single thing that happened in life.

I would say today is a good day despite all the negative things.

At least I can smile happily now.

I prefer to be sad at the beginning of the day and be happy at the end of the day rather than the other way round.

Whatever it is, I thank God for letting me live for another day.

Im looking forward for tomorrow because there’ll be more surprises, excitements and adventures waiting for me.

There’s more to learn and explore.

Life is just so beautiful.

We should slow down and see within our naked eyes the beauty that lies in it.

Trust me, life will be different then.

And im working hard on my assignment now. but it’s ok im happily doing it. =p

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