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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

deleting a piece of history

I was cleaning the stuffs in my laptop. A lot of old stuffs. Very old stuffs. Some are so memorable and meaningful, full of nostalgia. But it’s the past.

I found few sound clips that I made when I was with her. Wanted to send to her at that time but I didn’t. it’s just a history nia..

I don’t think this history worth to be preserved. No meaning. No meaning for her. no meaning for me.

So yea I create a history tonight. I delete something which used to meant a lot to me. if you know me, you know im the type of person who collect stuff, I wont throw away my things moreover this is so special for me. this is about me and her..

Hidup kena ke depan kan??

Benda-benda yang menyebabkan air mata bergelinangan biarkan sajalah mengalir pergi seperti air di sungai.

Sedang aku mengemaskini, terjumpa pula lagu ini. Mata pula bekaca. Air mata mula menitis. Tak sempat ku sambut, ia terjatuh ke Bumi.

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