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Monday, 16 August 2010

sleep tight tight

Ok now I really wana go sleep tight tight.

Class at 2pm tomorrow but will wake up around 10am to do laundry, unpack, prepare meeting document and go to the library.

Can’t really sleep la cuz transferring and at the mean time, im addicted to this song. Sad song la.. =(

Just taken stomachache medicine. Ish! Came back to Kampar only stomachache again. I was so ok in Cameron Highlands.

It must be the food from Maha Maju. I ate Roti Cheese Telur. The name so canggih right.

Aiyak! Tirednya my ass.. time to put it into rest mode. Not because of pangsai la ok. it’s because I walked too much + the bad condition of the bus + lying on the floor to take pics.

tomorrow will be a GREAT day.


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