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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

too early or too late?

too late or too early??

i duno..

i just know that me n some of my friends from my course didn't sleep for whole night. hahaha. yeah crazy! we were doing newspaper assignment la. most of us finished it by 6am. some sleeping right now.

But here i am still awake, preparing for 8am class.

Finally i can on my laptop. but it will shut down by itself soon. aih..

Tiffany, Rachael and Siang Yong are enjoing their late supper aka breakfast at Ipoh McD. haha. I didn't go la cuz i sacred can't make it to the last tutorial class at 8am. then later 10am going to cycle to explore a place with coursemates.

susah la kan nanti tidur atas basikal atas jalan..

a long day ahead. body is so heaty. head is so heavy.

8am class
10am cycle and explore a warsite in the jungle
1pm go office settle SRC stuff
7pm Majlis Berbuka Puasa
9pm meeting

anyway too late or too early huh?

those people who are still awake at 6am, they will say 'wah so late already ah?'

but for those who just wake up, they will say 'wah so early ah?'

so today you belong to which group huh??

what am i toking about huh?? blur gila babik. but stil energetic and bersemangat =p

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