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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Eat Big = Makan Besar

Eat Big = Big Eat

Makan Besar = Besar Makan

maximum satisfaction!

Im pampering myself with a lot of food!

gaining back mood through food.

what a down day, so unproductive. missed a lot of events today. aih..

sometimes i believe an opportunity only comes once in your life time

but sometimes i also believe that there'll be second chance.

whatever it is, it depends on how you view your life.

if it's possible, don't wait, act fast, grab the chance, make use of it.

that's all i can say.

anyway i bought kuih, sushi, KFR cheezy wedges, KFC coleslaw, KFC whipped potato, fried sotong, fried chicken's neck, fried spicy Taiwan sausage.

yum yum!

syiok habis!

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