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Sunday, 8 August 2010

crazy week ahead

Omg omg!!

Koyak koyak!

Sudah koyak now koyak lagi.

Now only I know there are few more assignments to pass up this week.

HABIS aku. Betul betul koyak this time.

Have to finish around 5 assignments in 5 days.


And I feel free tonight. Haha. must be because of the damn hot weather!!

Ok life is not just about assigments. I still have other stuffs to do. My room is kinda messy. A lot of unfolded clothes. Commitments in SRC n events.

Bagusla. Good training kan. multi-tasks.

Seriously I have to do well in assignments n presentations n get good marks in courseworks la. if not, exam lagi koyak.

Well.. my results last semester dropped d. I have to do something right?

YEA!! STUDIES FIRST! YES! another week with Kopi O' Kao Kao + less sleep + more pimples + uncertain makan time + high blood pressure + stress + anger.

Plan ur time baik baik la ye..

wahahah i can foresee another busy, pening, crazy, hectic, stressful, khisiau, hot, nonsense, pengsan, unpleasant, mohsin, moody, controversial, behtahan, tiring, gila babi, sour and bad week ahead.

so yeah people don't ask me do anything else besides than assignments k. n sorry i dun i can upload any pics in my FB. tunggu jap la. don't talk to me la for a week. later gua busy gua stress gua marah.

no problemo! Just work ur ass off! We can do it!! =p

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