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Sunday, 8 August 2010

i need a bike!!

Ayooo I need a bike so badly la!

Biek dah rosak tomorrow morning only the foreman can come.

But now got accident at Old Town la.

Feel so ‘kang khor’ aka kera sumbang cuz cant take pics.

Friends all tidur d. itu Nigel also cant get a transport.

How nice if itu Kow Kwan Yee is here. aiyah KKy. mana u BOS?? we need u so badly la.

habih la tadok cite dah. aih.. kesian me n Nigel.

Arrghhh! Susah betul!

I need a bike la..

See I knew it I sure need my bike. now got BIG emergency.

Hmmm.. by the time I got a transport, itu accident dah habis dah.

Aih.. dah la people. For get about it. No news tonight. Go sleep early. No need to go already la. more than 30mins already since I got the news.

The victims or casulties are all safe. Dun worry la.

Good night. tata.

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