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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

my advisor is KENG

I duno whether you guys have this Advisor-Advisee programme in your university or not but I have it in my university.

And I tell you it’s a good programme if your advisor really concern and treat you like how they treat their friends or family members lah.


And I must really salute my advisor. Not to bodek her. I memang tak suka kerja bodek. When we praise someone, we do it because we acknowledge that person and because that person is really good. Not because we want to get something in return. That is so not sincere.

So anyway, I was so pissed off and sipek tulan before my Feature Writing Tutorial at 6pm.

Then at the end of the class at 7.30pm, all the students cabut already and the lecturer was alone. So I waited for her since it’s late already. We had a light chat.

I didn’t tell her how I feel la. but I feel so much better and calm after hear what she said.

“Time heals. Be patience.”

That’s all. The speech might not be as great as the nation leaders’ speech but at least it works for me.

I felt so relieved after that.

It always feels so nice after talk to her. hehehe.

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