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Friday, 28 May 2010

dad is home

I just reached home from a productive meeting with friends for a big event in my uni.

Anyway, Dad is home this afternoon.

I think Im the happiest son in the world today. My dad is home! I managed to see him before I go back to my university. =p


I’ve not been seeing him for a week.

He’s not at home. He works at Bukit Merah. He’s building a big aquarium there in a former paddy field for my uncle. A lot of people are now turning lands there into an aquarium for expensive fishes.

I helped him before early January before semester 1 started. I tell you, it’s not a job that you wana do. You have to work under t he hot sun for a long hour.

When I reached Penang on Sunday 16/5/2010 dad was at home. I wanted to follow him to the construction site the next day but I forgot to tell him and he left house early morning. =p

Then he came back on Friday 21/5/2010. I was so joyful because I know on Monday I can follow him to work. I wana work for him. I just wana help him la. but manatau the next day he went back to Bukit Merah till today. Aduih..

My dad works everyday. Yes. Sunday as well. As a contractor he needs to finish his job in a short time. This is to safe cost and to satisfy the customers.

I think he’s taking a day off tomorrow because tomorrow is Wesak Day.

Im so Sleepy but I must not sleep. There’s a very important thing to do.

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