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Sunday, 12 September 2010

what Malay rights??!

i read this article and i feel so geram at the father and the son. grrrhhh!


i seriously don't see how and why the non-Malays wana take away the Malays rights. this is so ridiculous. can any of my Malay friends tell us what rights that has been raped away from you?? what is the Malay rights? do you realised that as the Bumiputera you got so many privileges under affirmative actions. then?? can all of us stop politicking and attacking each other ah??

EAT SHIT LA U (to those racists)!!

terima kasih!


  1. hey dude, i guess it must be this post of urs that got urself in a bit of trouble at uni hor? haha chill, relax. freedom of speech, u will have it if u privatise this blog, meaning only u can see but i dont see that as a freedom of speech because at the end only u know about ur opinion.

    anyway, i have been following on this for quite some time. i sure know and am aware that ive benefited from this. i wonder how many other non malays who wanted to study biotechnology oversea under JPA scholarship didnt get selected after the interview. but i dare say that ive earned it, i studied hard too, i got straight As too, and i was active too, even though i didnt represent my school at the national level in any sports or academic events.

    about this Malay rights, those Malays feel threatened, while some Chinese think Malays are too lazy and they are better, superior than Malays since they get everything on their own without the help of governments.

    i dont think they should worry about Malay rights taken away, because it is in the constitution. unless the agong, and 2/3 parlimen pon setuju. i think instead of being all nervous, takut and defensive whenever the non Malays ask about the malay rights, the 'special treatment' why dont these politicians have a dialog with those who want to know more about this. can explain rationally and in a matured way instead of making a comment to the press that "cina tu kaum pendatang". only making things worse kan?

    apa2 pon, my 2 sen je. =)
    have a good day buddy.

  2. haha! thx for your reply. interesting. anyway my reply too long. so i make it as a post in my blog