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Sunday, 12 September 2010

weird weird dream

ish ish ish..

how in the world in can be a boxer. you know those like Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson. yea i used to dream to be in the ring and smack someone's ass. haha.

anyway i woke up at 8am++ but i slept again. lazy to wake up. then jeng jeng jeng. the story begins. it's a long one with so many unrelated parts but i'll just cut it shirt to the most interesting parts la ye.

in my dream, im a boxer. so i joined a boxing competition. ahem.. fine.. while waiting for my turn, i walked to somewhere else la. got a group of Malays woth kompang playing Chinese lion dance beats. wow. fine fine. then suddenly im having a meeting with a first aid organisation i used to join. huh?? in the middle of my tournament??

i walked away from the meeting. i went to the ring. i checked my name. eh y my name is not there!! then the organiser said he has to cancel my name. he's afraid that i might break my bones. zzzzz...

Lesson from the story: dont sleep in the afternoon. if u wake up in the morning, don't sleep again.

kalau tak, mimpi gila-gila jadi nya. merepek.

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